2021 Colour Trends for Entrepreneurs

Blue, green, red, multicolour, or whichever colours look like the afterthought of a design. However, in business, they play a huge role in propagating your brand and expanding the clientele base. Colour is essential in building the perfect start or continuing a great path, but what is the colour identity of your brand?


The colour (or colours) you choose can make or mar your brand, but if you are an entrepreneur and cannot decide on the right colour or design for your business, there is help. Banki Designs offer branding solutions, graphics & web design, and social media marketing for a new and existing business. Their services will enable you to fit into a current market or standout in another.


They have cracked the colour code and will help you understand the direction of your business and how the right colour promotes it into the future. Think red, think Coca-Cola, think happiness is what the drink chose, and have pursued the red line since time.


So, while it is tempting to choose the first colour that comes to mind, hold up, and read on the latest colour trends for an entrepreneur.


Colour Psychology


Since the time of the Egyptians, colours have always had an impact on human minds. The Egyptians knew this and used colours to get the required reaction in the person looking at the object. For example, orange was energetic, black was a rebirth, yellow was purifying, and so on.


Today, humans connect with colour on a whole different level and will respond to it subconsciously without knowing why. For example, white symbolizes holiness, honesty, truth, trust, cleanliness, God, and purity and people respect white. However, in business, white is powerful but often appears bland, boring, and ordinary. It does not say anything and invokes a subtle, almost absent emotion. You will see this colour in healthcare and technology as they are trying to evoke peace and honesty in their dealings.


In marketing, colour affects the purchasing power, judgment, and perception of a brand and the services rendered. Furthermore, the colour you choose can come off to your competition as strong & ready, or otherwise. There is a significant relationship between human reaction and colour and choosing the right is the beginning of a successful business venture.


Factor to note when choosing a colour palette


  • When picking out a colour, the entrepreneur must keep the following in mind.
  • The message – what is the right colour to convey your message, and how will it be incorporated into the brand
  • The demography – who does your product cater to? This will enable you to choose the appropriate colour.


It should be lasting – the brand for colour should be consistent. While colours can be changed to rebrand, it is always a good thing to choose a durable colour for the brand.


Colour Trend for 2021


After all, the troubles and setbacks of 2020 companies, businesses, and brands are gearing for a new start at the New Year. Paint companies are coming up with shades and colours that aim to capture the design, culture, and message the entrepreneur hopes to send out.




This colour is a dominating and commanding hue that is associated with love, life, and continuity. Red can take a lot of meaning, depending on where it is used and how. The one-colour trend in this category is vermilion red. This red is bold, bright, and youthful. This colour should always be used with caution, as it can be overwhelming and in your face.




Blue is a positive and powerful colour that invokes security, responsibility, and serenity. This colour has been used by brands since the beginning of time. Today many brands use this to spark interest and curiosity in the customers. A shade of blue is Jean Jacket Blue – this colour invokes timelessness and peacefulness in a brand. If you run a financial institute or a business that interacts with people, Jean Jacket blue is the colour. Blue is the most popular colour in web design. It is a refined and stable hue that draws people into it. Other colours are aqua blue, sky blue, and phantom blue.




Green is a colour that evokes survival by emerald green is one that many brands would hope to embrace in their designs. Emerald has a mysterious and intense quality to it. It also evokes creativity, energy, hope, productivity, and resilience. It can be a calming trusting colour when combined with dark colours like browns for some earthiness and strength in a brand.



This is a colour that is associated with romance, luxury, and wealth. However, this shade will be seen in 2021 as businesses try to pick up the pieces of their brand. One shade that will trend is Amethyst Purple. This hue is a sign of bravery, excellence, focus, and results. Furthermore, when combined with some bright colours add finesse, stimulation, and strength in adversity.




This has always been a favorite with brands that want to capture the customer and their reaction.  This very versatile shade is a subtle tone that is great for businesses associated with family or relationships. It is the perfect hue to create a deep connection with the customer.


Other colour trends that will be seen in 2021 are deep orange, lots of earth tones addition to neutrals. 2021 will not be a year of single colours; there will be lots of combinations and emphasis to pass the message to the clients. We will probably see a lot of warm and reassuring colours, especially after the devastating impact of the pandemic.


Whether you are choosing natural colours or other shades, you are not alone. Do you need help in picking the colour for the brand; then reach out to Banki Designs? They offer incredible branding solutions, Graphic & web design, and social media marketing to entrepreneurs.


Choosing the right colours for your business is more than the shades but more of the message it evokes in the hearts of clients. The precise colour will give your business the identity it needs, and from the thousands of colours, Banki Designs can help you to make that choice.


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2021 Colour Trends for Entrepreneurs

Blue, green, red, multicolour, or whichever colours look like the afterthought of a design. However, in business, they play a huge role in propagating your brand and expanding the clientele base. Colour is essential in building the perfect start or continu...
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