Social Media Trends for 2021

One of the greatest lessons 2020 taught us is that social media is not just some tool for distraction that kids should be kept away from. It is more. While we were all locked up in our homes, hoping they found a cure to the virus, or better yet, some way around it, we all stayed connected through social media.  

Interestingly, businesses that were mostly based online got a lot of visibility too as everyone was online mostly. 

Just in case you were thinking that since we all have returned to our normal lives amidst the virus, social media use will dwindle, Statista says in 2019, over 77% of the US population used social media. No, there was no pandemic in 2019, technically there was, but it was not known then, however, you get the point. Now, with the number of people who have now come to terms with the importance of social media, the number will increase. 

The easiest way to navigate social media as a business person, and take the uttermost advantage of it, is by taking note of the trends. Not the #entanglement kind of trend, but the kind of trends which will help your business. For better understanding, let us take a look at the trends of 2020. 

Instagram removed likes

For a reason which was not well explained to the users, Instagram did away with the like numbers. In some places, people could no longer see the number of likes a post had garnered. This was going to affect the influencer marketing because most influencers got their gigs from people who watched their likes. Influencers and content creators were suddenly saddled with the task of proving engagement some other way, in this case, comments. 

Video content dominated

Big thanks to Tiktok and Instagram’s Reels, video content took over the internet. Artists were promoted for free, all they had to do was create a challenge. One of such was the #Dontrush challenge done with the song Don’t Rush Young T and Bugsy. Anther was the #Bopdaddy challenge done with the son, BopDaddy by Nigerian musician Falz.

Video contents dominated. So if you were dishing out interesting video content, people were bound to watch because they were looking for the next interesting challenge.  

By now, you should understand what we are talking about when we say social media trends. 

While we cannot predict how 2021 will be, because we are still recovering from the shock of 2020, we can predict humans and social media. That said, here are the trends that may most likely make waves in 2021.  

Influencer marketing will grow massively

People have come to the realization that sponsored ads will not do for you what an influencer will do for your business. People trust influencers more than they trust sponsored ads. As a matter of fact, that small icon at the bottom of sponsored ads that shows that an ad was sponsored is a complete turn off on its own.

Once people see that icon, the ad has to be massively interesting to stop the person from making that quick scroll away from it. So yes, after seeing how much impact influencers have on their followers in 2020, influencer marketing will be taken advantage of in 2021. 

The Niche Platforms will take the stage

Did you see how quickly TitTok rose to fame in 2020? Statista states that in 2019, there were 37.2million users of TikTok in the united states.  


People are taking advantage of niche platforms, then tailoring their ads to fit the niche. People who were into fashion used the #Dontrush and #bopdaddy challenge to show off outfits.  


There was also a shoe challenge, where you had to show off your shoes on TikTok, and a lot of shoe sellers jumped on this trend to show off their shoes. Instead of using a platform like Facebook or Instagram, where almost every niche is allowed, they will use one where people are attracted to just that niche. So, if you can, tailor your ads to fit into the niche of certain platforms. 


Video content will continue to grow


As we go on, people do not have the time to sit down and read an entire ad anymore, especially when it is not an interesting blog. People would rather watch videos these days, and get whatever information they need from there. Taking advantage of this growing trend which does not seem like it will be leaving soon is one way to ensure your business grows to the maximum. You just have to learn how to make a video content that is engaging, interesting, SEO optimized, and comprehensible, and you are well on your way to getting the engagements you need to make sales.  


There would be stricter measures taken to regulate information on social media


We saw a bit of this on Facebook this year. Posts made on the pandemic which seemed untrue were taken down by Facebook and in some cases, people lost their accounts. 


About 7million posts were taken down by Facebook this year because they were suspected of spreading fake news about the virus.  


As time goes on, people will no longer be allowed to say certain things on social media, as that would mean losing their accounts. Your contents have to be vetted and vetted again before you post them. Next year, laws will be put in place, and you have to make sure you are not on the defaulting side of it.  


Social media trends are how business people–who are interested in marketing on social media–monitor the audience. It is like predicting the stock market, you watch as technicalities and natural happenings affect the market, then you strike when the timing is right.  


When you can predict the audience, you can sell anything to them. Following the trends is like taking your goods right to their doorstep, they have to see you. The idea is to sell, right? Take advantage of these trends that have been listed, and watch out for them in 2021. 

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Social Media Trends for 2021

One of the greatest lessons 2020 taught us is that social media is not just some tool for distraction that kids should be kept away from. It is more. While we were all locked up in our homes, hoping they found a cure to the
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